Winter Camping has its perks: no crowds, beautiful scenery, ski resort access and significantly discounted rates. However, nights can be cold and driving conditions can be unpredictable. Below is a guide to improve your winter camping experience set the expectations straight.

Staying Warm:

  • Built-In Heaters: A few of our Biggie Campervans have built-in heaters (Espar Airtronic) that run for 10 hours off a single gallon of gasoline fuel. This is the best option for cold nights. $300 for the entire trip. Reserve on the booking tool.

  • Portable Propane Heaters: 5 hour run time off a single propane canister. $50 to rent for the whole trip. Includes one propane canister. Can be used in Biggie Campervans.

  • Space Heater: You are welcome to use a space heater in all models of our Campervans, however they need to be plugged into an external power source.

    *Every Biggie Campervan comes equipped with carbon monoxide monitors to ensure there is proper air flow when operating heaters.

Storing Gear:

  • Our Thule Force XL Roof Boxes, available to rent for $50 for the duration of your trip, are capable of holding 6-8 pairs of skis or 4-6 snowboards. These come with a user-friendly locking system to keep your gear safe and secure. Available for the Smalls and OG Campervan models. Our Biggie Campervans have plenty of room under the bed to store your gear.


When the weather is anticipated to be below freezing (32°F), we ask you to initiate the winterizing process.

  • Begin by removing and emptying the clean and dirty water tanks

  • With the tanks removed and the hose disconnected, open the faucet and turn on the pump. - This will help clear any remaining water from the lines.

  • Turn off the pump and leave the faucet open.  - Leaving the faucet open/on will prevent damage to the system if there is any residual water in the lines 

 Any water left in the tanks may freeze. Ice in the containers will melt very slowly, is difficult to remove and will limit your ability to use the system when temps warm up during the day.

Please understand that if this system freezes it could damage the pump, faucet and other fittings causing costly repairs.