If you’re like me, going on a nice drive clears your head. We decided to trade the city life for the back roads of Utah, Arizona and Nevada. So, we landed in Las Vegas and headed over to Native Campervans. We hopped into our temporary Campervan “Abrah-van Lincoln” and headed east toward Zion National Park and southern Utah. 

* spoiler alert, this trip was just as awesome as the name of the van we drove *

Alex and I spent the drive jamming to a few playlists, and planning some of the itinerary for a few projects we were working on while we were in the area. With plenty of room throughout the van, we were able to store our gear in safe places, without worrying about it moving around all over the place. 


If you have been to Zion, you know that it comes out of no where, and hits you with the most beautiful view of “The Watchman” that you have ever seen. We got there just before the sun went down, and took in the sunlight just before it disappeared behind the mountains.

The next morning, we woke up at about 5:40 and prepared for the morning hike. Let’s be honest, the day feels so much better when you start it off with a good breakfast. Considering the fact that we had both a fridge and a stove, we threw some eggs on the stove (not literally because that would be messy), along with some bacon, packed some granola bars in our bag, and headed for the Watchman Trailhead. We reached the top just in time for sunrise. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.


We spent the day in the valley, taking in the sun, and the calmness that comes along with the desert. We decided to keep heading east, toward Page, Arizona. A place that has always been on my bucket list is Antelope Canyon. I grew up looking at pictures of it, but I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to walk in them myself. I have seen many places that is hard for an image to capture, this was definitely one of them.


We spent a few days traveling through northern Arizona, and decided to head west, toward the Valley of Fire. It’s hard to beat a sunset in a place that is far from the sounds of the highway, or planes as they come in to land. In a world where we are so connected to one another all of the time, it was nice to be in an area that had little cell phone reception, allowing you to take in everything that is around you. We parked the Van, and leaned back to watch Mother Nature show off a bit.

Every time I get out there, I always feel like the journey teaches me something along the way. Like that road that I didn’t mean to go down, that ended up taking me to a beautiful overlook, or the river that came out of no where giving way to a beautiful view of the sunset. There is also the funny moments, like the perfect jokes from “The Office” that cause the other person to almost spit their food out of their mouth because they laughed so hard. Having a plan is great, but being open to the unexpected and the wonder that comes along with it is even better. We spent almost a week in a small van that gave us some big memories, and we couldn’t have done it any better.