Apres The Way it Should Be

By Sean Guidera                                                                                                               www.spgwrites.com

A day skiing or riding is a day for you and whoever you choose to share it with.  It is not a day at work (unless you’re super talented and super lucky), not a day worrying, not a day running around taking care of the loose ends of life.  There’s no need to bring a shopping list to the mountain, no need to bring laundry to fold, you don’t even need to take the trash out on your way down the driveway.

A day on the mountain is literally a day to do exactly what you wish, however you wish.  Whether it be to ski-hard and push your limits while working on your abilities, or to cruise blue-runs all day while you enjoy nice wide turns, it’s up to you!  Bring friends, bring a dog, go alone, your choice!  To truly customize and maximize your experience, the cultural phenomena of campervans is a supremely practical way to enhance most outdoor activities.  I was looking at a converted van available for rent by Denver based Native Campervans, and couldn’t stop thinking about the beach (parking lot) of A-basin (Arapahoe Basin Ski Mountain).

Apres is the word most commonly used to describe the post-ski-day pint of beer, glass of wine, or mug of spiked hot chocolate.  But if the end of the day drink is not your thing, we all still apres.  Apres is simply the french word for “after,” and after is something we all experience, regardless of how.  Personally, I’m a beer kind of guy, but I know that everyone enjoys being comfortable and cozy after a day on the mountain and Native Campervans were brought to us to make us comfortable and cozy.

These converted vans come equipped with two benches and a table in between, a rentable Thule box for all gear, cooler, a pump sink, two burner gas stove with propane tanks, pots and pans.  You can literally finish your day in the parking lot, sitting at a table with a freshly cooked hot meal.  Grub with your feet up, play a game of cards, hot tea, cold beer; the sheer endlessness of possibilities has me dreaming of the chairlift!

To take your weekend warrior status one step further, rent the van overnight and do some winter-camping close to your favorite mountain so you rest, and repeat in the morning!

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