Most Cost-Effective Trip to First Chair and Fresh Pow

By Sean Guidera

Early bird gets the worm and all that right?  But how do we be early and still comfortable?  How do we avoid having to get up at 5 am just to beat the traffic.... Close proximity to the mountain without paying for overpriced lodging would be the best case scenario, but making that happen without breaking the bank would be worth its weight in fresh powder.

The secret weapon of this winter’s weekend warrior is Denver based Native Campervans.  For less than the price of gas and lodging, you can rent a campervan that sleeps two, drive up to the mountains the night before and put yourself in short range of that coveted first chair and untouched snow.

Treating yourself to a campervan adventure this winter is really a no-brainer.

These vans are 2015 Dodge Caravans with great tires, and they come with complimentary snow-chains, just in case.  They also have a two-burner stove, two propane tanks, a sink, and the interior has been converted into a comfortable seating area consisting of a table and two benches that easily fold into a more comfortable bed.  To keep this living area clean, add on a Thule box for a small rental fee ($50).

Yes, you can save some money while: spending a restful night in the mountains, waking up minutes away from first chair without rising way before the sun or battling traffic, starting the day comfortable and capable of cooking a hot meal.

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