Looking to have a real, unconventional, no worries adventure in the Rocky Mountains on a budget? Our fleet of Campervans are the ideal budget traveler’s access to the open road. 

Rather than cruising in a large, gas-guzzling RVs or spending ridiculous rates at hotels, our transparent, no-hidden cost Campervans are purchased new to ensure you have a reliable, uninterrupted trip. Our simplistic branding allows you to travel the region without feeling like an out of place tourist.

Equipped with a comfortable double-bed, fully-stocked kitchenette and convertible living room, we’ve included all the basic essentials to have an incredible journey.  Please see our Accessories page to view additional gear for your trip. 

Whether your forte is mountain biking, hiking, climbing, rafting or simply camping out and relaxing, our Campervans are specifically modified to get you off the beaten-path and into the majestic Rockies.

Dodge Caravan

2015 AVP Model
Outfitted in 2015
Sleeps 2 / Seats 4
3.6 Liter V6 Engine
17 city/25 hwy MPG


Comfortable Bed
Ample Storage
Foldaway Table
Sink with Tap/Drain
Water/Waste Tank


2 Burner Gas Stove
2 Propane Canisters
2 Pots & 1 Frying Pan
Cooking Utensils
Sheets, Duvet, Pillows