Folks in Colorado take immense pride in our state. Those lucky enough to be born here proudly identify themselves as Natives – mostly by a bumper sticker designed to look like the Colorado license plate with the word Native boastfully displayed for all to see. While we aren’t Native Coloradans (California & Nebraska by birth), we are delighted to call her home.  As such, we celebrate what this state offers - things like camping, snowboarding, craft beer and good coffee.  

Above all we are united in creating a product that we value. A reliable, fully stocked Campervan that sends you deep into Colorado's majesty - without going too deep in your wallet.

Our Story

Native Campervans founders Dillon Hansen and Jonathan Moran, friends since their college days at the University of Colorado, always had respect for the outdoors through countless road trips, backpacking excursions, unsuccessful fly fishing outings, and backcountry snowboarding.

After returning from a trip to New Zealand in a Campervan, we wanted to provide an affordable way for people to experience the serenity of the wilderness and freedom of the open road, and thus, Native Campervans was born.  Based at the doorstep of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado, Native Campervans allows people to experience #vanlife even if they are not ready to purchase their own ride.

 Our Vans

Native Campervans's intention is to honor the soul, passion and lifestyle one experienced from the original VW Bus, but provide customers with modern vehicles and updated amenities to ensure reliability and comfort. Every aspect of the van’s interior is designed for functionality with attention to detail at the forefront. With understated vehicle branding that allows you to travel without feeling like a total out-of-towner, we’ve included the basic essentials so you have more time exploring and adventuring. These simple, affordable Campervans serve as a means to getting outside and doing what you love.