Campervan Build-Out

Interested in a Campervan of your own? Our fleet of Biggie & Smalls Campervans were crafted by some talented individuals in Denver, Colorado. 


The Biggie

Vanlife Customs

Dave Walsh, of Vanlife Customs, strives to translate your ideas and dreams to reality. They will sit with you to process your vision, and work with you along the way to build your van the way you want it. Anything on wheels can be built by these folks.

Vanlife Customs is the builder of our Biggie Campervans.

The Smalls


Artkraft's skilled team is led by Evan Gist, a furniture and cabinetmaker with over 17 years of experience. They provide beautiful and creative solutions to your cabinetry, millwork, and furniture needs.

Artkraft designed & constructed our Smalls Campervans. 

*Please note - the design is specifically built for a Dodge Grand Caravan. Requests for other variations aren't available at this time.